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Def Tech is not letting summer end!
During their highly anticipated hall tour, Def Tech surprised the audience by unveiling a new song on the opening day!
The track titled "Weakends" features the soothing sounds of the ukulele, creating a delightful holiday tune. It embodies Def Tech's signature blend of acoustic and beat-making, which pioneered Jawaiian Reggae.
With lyrics like "Let's go of all season and feel the changing of the seasons," the song warmly encourages spending every season with you, even beyond summer. The beautiful harmonies of Shen & Micro, along with the contrast of reggae voices, make this song truly outstanding.

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  • Def Tech

    A unit formed by Shen, who hails from Hawaii, and Micro, a native of Tokyo. Their debut album, "Def Tech," which includes the track "My Way," was released in 2005 and surpassed 2.8 million in sales, rewriting indie sales records. In 2020, they celebrated their 20th anniversary as a unit and 15th anniversary since their debut. In November of the same year, they made their first appearance on YouTube's 'THE FIRST TAKE' with "My Way," surpassing 45 million views. In 2023, they released two singles, "Automatic" and "Weakends." Having participated in numerous festivals, they also embarked on a hall tour titled "The Sound Waves" in the fall.

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