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Rapper "ARK" with Mad Skill from the legendary group "SOHMATOH" , which has taken Japanese Hip-Hop to the next level since the late 90's, will release a self-produced song from his own label Rhyme Book Records this time. The guest performer is "Atsuno", a female singer who has a sweet and husky singing voice and melody, and has a bilingual lyrical sense. "Chino" by Braidz, who is steadily gaining recognition as a solo rapper with his skillful rhyming sense from former UBG. "Mek Piisua" is a bilingual rapper who moved from Japan to Bangkok, worked as a rapper/YouTuber/businessman for 10 years, then went to Mexico and returned to Japan after a year's journey. DJ BANBI from KAIKOO MUSIC plays Scratch that synchronizes transcendental word picks and Rap Flow.
And Yamada Man (Rappagariya) from SOHMATOH not only works as a rapper/producer, but also as a recording engineer. This song is the theme song for the Hip-Hop Party "Bad Trip Advisor" organized by ARK together with Shibuya Rubyroom.
"Welcome to the journey between reality and fantasy. ARK"

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  • ARK

    In 1997, Featuring on Libro's "trajectory" coupling song, "whereabouts". Started LIVE activities from Musashino centering on CLUB in Tokyo. As BACKGAMMON with Jin Lime da Vibrator, LIVE activities will start at the event "SMILE HEART" held at Shibuya CAVE. From 2000 to 2002, BACKGAMMON 1st. Single "Defeat" 1st.EP "BACKGAMMON" and 1st. Full Album "3rd Eye Contact" were completed and released by Sohmatoh Entertainment / Positive Production. First in Japanese Hip-Hop history Provided original songs for the one-way compilation album "GUERRILLA GROWING PLATINUM" and made it into the Oricon chart Best 100. Guest performances by various artists such as Riya's "Hito no Seimei", Shonan Nofu "We Got a Power" and LIBRO "DOYTENA 2000". September 2006 Released SOHMATOH's first full-length album "SOHMATOH" from the major label Alpha Market. In May 2020, Vibes Records representative DJ Y∀SU and ARK & DJ Y∀SU will release all three EPs of their career for the first time in a career with high-quality digital distribution worldwide. Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of his career, he will release the first Solo E.P of the unreleased sound source collection "Goes On" on Friday, December 24, 2021 from his own label "Rhyme Book Records". Ceeman and R-type guest performances from Black Mont Blanc on the E.P. Includes a self-produced song "Move The Crowd" by MC for MC who was greeted at.

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