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Roppongi maybe one of the most famous town in Tokyo for foreign travelers. Through the recent developments, Roppongi Hills, Midtown, Azabudai Hills, Roppongi Grand Hills etc are trying to be the highest in town. However, still , there are traditional streets with temples , shrines, Japanese style pubs with their regular customers from Showa era existing. There also are many "SAKA" -- slopes in the town. Among them , "Nadare-saka" is the slope local people feel emotional when they walk through the slope. Koji Ikeda, the mysterious singer song writer lives in Nadare-saka composed this Japanese traditional "Ondo" style music piece with full of love by the locals. Let's dance with the music to make Roppongi a town of Bon-dancers !! (by Francis Ushigome, Feb.2024)