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プロデューサーに、レッドホットチリペッパーズ、セリーヌ・ディオン、トム・ペティ、X JAPAN等の世界的アーティストの作品を手がけた Kenji Nakaiを迎えての3rdアルバム。従来のアコースティックギターとツインボーカルを主軸としたバンドサウンドに、弦カルテット、馬頭琴、二胡、タブラ等、世界をまわって得たエッセンスを大きく導入した作品。ジャケット撮影は、ローリング・ストーンズの日本唯一のオフィシャルフォトグラファー有賀幹夫が担当。

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iTunes Store • ロック トップアルバム • アルゼンチン • 1位 • 2020年3月8日 iTunes Store • 総合 トップアルバム • アルゼンチン • 2位 • 2020年3月8日


KAO=S are Kaori Kawabuchi (lead vocal / sword dance). Shuji Yamagiri (guitar / vocal). In 2010, Shuji composed "Ogre of the Cherry Tree" inspired by Kaori's Japanese sword dance. Their first gig was held in Tokyo on Dec of this year. In 2011, They add Tsugaru-Shamisen Player and formed a band KAO=S. The band name comes from Kaori's name as, in Japanese, "chaos" is pronounced as /kəɔs/, which sounds similar to Kaori. More importantly, it embodies their mission; in the world of chaos, they will create and express their own unique music, a mix of traditional Japanese music and modern music all over the world. They began to draw significant attention with Kaori and Shuji's twin vocals, Shuji's acoustic guitar at opened tuning, the sounds of Japanese traditional instruments , and Kaori's intensive, yet beautiful sword performances. Their first year's career included a performance at SXSW 2012 where they gained the audience's excitement. The following, six city US tour was also very successful. In 2013, as well as appearing on the stage of SXSW for the second time, they performed in Germany, UK and France. In 2014, a CNN international (US) program, Art of Movement, offered them a spot and shot in Tokyo, and they were introduced worldwide. ​In 2015, they played in Dalian, China for international cultural interaction purposes. After that, they flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil and performed at Japan and Brazil's 120th anniversary in the Interlagos F1 circuit to energize 10,000 people. In 2016, they had a successful performance in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, in front of an audience of 15,000 people at Organizing Committee of Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Paraguay. In 2017, they received a favourable reception at another large festival in Alicante, Spain. After coming back to Japan, they started new album recording with the producer Kenji Nakai who engineered RHCP, Tom Petty, X JAPAN albums. In 2018, they played released 3rd album AMRITA. This year's career included a performance at SPLORE FESTIVAL in New Zealand and Main Matsuri in Germany. For MAIN MATSURI which is friendship festival between Japan & Germany, KAO=S composed main theme song "YU". In 2019, KAO=S performed in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). And invited Asian big festival "CHINA DREAM"held in Inner Mongolia. In Jan 2020, KAO=S held their first solo concert at Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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