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The title, "I", stands for "inside/input", expressing the uniqueness of this work in which Rie(ree-ay) fu has articulated her honest true self in this album as an energetic songwriter over the past 10 years.
Since her debut in 2004, Rie fu has been a one-of-a-kind artist not only in her career, but in her personal life, such as studying art in London, establishing her own label, marrying a funky British gentleman, and moving to Singapore in 2014.
This year, celebrating her 10th anniversary year since her debut, Rie fu has completed a colorful and eccentric new album!
Pushing her boundaries such as co-writing with Swedish artist Meja and her producer Douglas Carr in Sweden, she has written new poignant songs such as "What I Look for in an Ideal Man"(Japanese lyrics), "Singapore"(No need to explain the theme of the song!), in such way that the listener can turn the pages in a book and discover new landscape along with each song.

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Let It Curl (Album Version)

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Spotify • Japanese Soft, Jazzy Ballads

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  • Rie fu

    Rie fu (pronounced 'ree-ay' fu) Makes her debut in 2004, graduates Central St.Martins College of art and design in London in 2007, and UCL MSc Specialised Translation in 2018. With the unique lyrics mixing English/Japanese, soothing words and a sharp tongue, melodies inspired by 70's female singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carol King. Her mellifluous voice is deeply influenced by Karen Carpenter. As a painter and a linguist as well as a musician, her artwork could be seen on the record cover designs.

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