Under the Sea Front Cover


Under the Sea

Aqorn & The Little Pieces

I’m always awake

You’re always asleep

You ask me something

I’m dreaming all day

The morning sun came

I float in the haze

We have several seasons

Can we find out a reason?

Cloud swallows me

Cloud swallows you

Oh, If we found out something new

You’ll inflate your reasons

Though everything is changing without you

Under the sea

Under the river

Under the glacier

Under the hill

Under the bedrock

Under the islet

Under the tree

Under the forest

Under the silence

Under the silence

Under your feet

Under the here

We must be lonely

No need to be afraid

Because everybody is pretending on the rail

If I find out a reason

Can we make up something new?

The sun swallows me

Waves swallow you

We’re all only creatures

So please don’t break the stillness

In truth, everything is changing with you

Under the streets

Under the metro

Under these buildings

Under the bridge

Under his monument

Under your ceiling

Under your fear

Under the free world

Under my silence

Under your silence

Under your belief

I wonder their confidence

I wonder my science

Under your fear

Under my science

Under your sea

Over your sea

Get over your fear

  • Lyricist

    Aqorn & The Little Pieces

  • Composer

    Aqorn & The Little Pieces

Under the Sea Front Cover

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    Under the Sea

    Aqorn & The Little Pieces

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