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Artist who28, who released "dead star," the first advance single from his new album to be released next February 2023, has created a buzz with the release of his second advance single, "Changes Pt. 2 feat. will be released on December 14.

This single, "Changes Pt. 2 feat. features guest performances by SHO-SENSEI! and expresses the fear and determination to change.
This is the second collaboration song between the two artists, following "Summertime Renda feat. This is the second collaboration song between the two artists, following "Summertime Renda feat.

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Changes Pt.2

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 33 • 31 Mar 2023 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Songs • Japan • TOP 70 • 31 Mar 2023

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Changes Pt.2

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  • who28

    Born in 1998, he began his music career after returning to Japan after studying abroad in New York, and has attracted attention by collaborating with various rappers and performing as a guest artist. He has appeared at many events including "TOKIO SHAMAN" hosted by Shakabozu, and released his long-awaited 1st solo EP "THE BENDS" in April 2020, and his 2nd solo EP "REVENGE! in August 2021. As a group, he is a central figure in the up-and-coming collective "DENYEN TOSHI", which released two albums "FOCUS!" in 2019 and "Q" in 2020, and its first EP "ZEPPELIN" in August 2022. And in August 2022, after 4 years since his collaboration with Gokou Kuyt "Fancy Cozy", he released his EP "Cosmic Box" under his W name. With a musicality that has its roots in HIP-HOP but also incorporates various cultures, the band has captured the hearts of listeners and is attracting attention as a one-of-a-kind entity.

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