Love & Peace (feat. Azkira Sky)

  1. Love & Peace (feat. Azkira Sky)

Maki Amano welcomed Azkira Sky as a featuring artist, and finished this first funk-like music song "Love & Peace".
This song fully expresses the artist theme "Love & Peace" of Maki Amano, and appeals to adults through music as "Let's make the world where the children who will lead the next era have compassion". You must listen to the pleasant harmony and collaboration with Azkira Sky.


Maki Amano Singer-songwriter Born on November 28 She lived in... Chiba (Japan) → Tokyo (Japan) → NewYork (America) → Aichi (Japan) → Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) → Chiba (Japan) → Now I'm in Tokyo (Japan) She is a singer-songwriter who continues to sing on the theme of love and peace based on her experiences in America, Malaysia and Japan. Since she was a child she moved to abroad, and grew up listening to a variety of music such as country, folk, musical, gospel and Asian folk music besides pops. Her singer-songwriter's activity started in 2013, and the first mini-album "White Fire" was released in 2014. She collected the songs presented at the popular planetarium concert and released the 2nd mini-album "Dreaming Woman" in 2016. She sang a commercial song for the product "BRAVIA" of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, which was aired in 15 countries in Asia in April 2016, expanding the range of activities to Asia. The commercial was also released on YouTube, and in addition to the main 60-second version, related videos such as the Thai version and the Vietnamese version were also played more than 4 million times. She published her first music video for two consecutive songs in July 2017. Images full of Maki Amano such as incorporating illustrations by herself are well received. She released the 3rd mini album "Love and Light" in November of the same year. In the winter of 2018, she participated as a back choir to the music of the jewelry brand Festaria's "WISH UPON A STAR" 2018 Christmas Limited Jewelry CM. She performed at Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka in January 2019. She started her first YouTube channel "Fuwa Fuwa Maki Channel" from this April. She is planning to release a 4th mini-album "YoruyakanaNagare" in May. On the 28th of April, her 12th solo concert will be held in Tokyo, and the 4th mini album will be released in advance.

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