sekai e

  1. Beautiful World
  2. Hi wa mata noboru
  3. Mangetsu no yoru
  4. Jyonkara shinsekai
  5. Cross over (feat. YUU for YOU)
  6. Gojyuso
  7. Adventure
  8. Taisetu na mono

今までリリースしてきた自主制作CDはすべて完売。2015年には北米ツアーを成功させ、ファイナルはZEPP NAGOYAにて開催。各地でスタンディングオベーションを巻き起こす三味線界の若き獅子!世界最速の三味線奏者"山口晃司"待望のファースト・アルバムリリース!


BIOGRAPHY Koji Yamaguchi : Born 1990 Koji Yamaguchi were born and bred in Nagoya, Aichi. He started the shamisen,taiko,minyo,sanshin at the tender age of 3. Winner at a number of sweeping prizes at national conventions. As one of the artist whose scope of activities go way beyond that of traditional Japanese music, Koji Yamaguchi continue to take not only Japan but also US, Europe, and Asia their stage. His future activities are all the more looked forward to.

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