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"Nao-Rew" a Japanese female singer songwriter composed this new song "Moonlight" and handled everything like lyrics, compose, vocal and the beat by herself.
Based on hip-hop, this slow-tempo ballad incorporates elements of reggae and blues, and expresses a nostalgic atmosphere with synthesizers and organs.
The whispering vocals, singing bass line, unique groove of the beat drums, and the development and floating feeling into the big chorus are a must-listen.

A woman who has been waiting for her lover for a long time talks to the moon that imitates him night after night.
Sometimes foolishly, sometimes sadly.
This is the song that I want you to listen to gently on a quiet night, savoring the delicate changes in her heart as she moves back and forth between affection and melancholy that have been kneaded into her over the years, along with the sound.

Artist Profile

  • Nao-Rew

    Female singer-songwriter from Japan. Winner of the Looper Japan and 2nd place in the world. A multi-instrumentalist who writes lyrics, composes, arranges, performs (vocals, guitar, flute, etc.), and programs all on her own. Based on the theme "how to walk correctly in the midnight for adolescence adults," and hip-hop, soul, R&B, and jazz tunes to listen to at midnight, as well as characteristic free and clear voice like a guitar solo. In recent years, she has been active in a variety of fields, including film and commercial music.

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