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inger/songwriter Suchori's latest single in 2024. The bone-breaking, fast-moving "Highway Song" has a strong 70s American rock feel at first listen, with Little Feat and a number of country rock bands, but the chorus has an oldies flavor and is anything but straightforward. The Hammond organ near the end of the song is very The Band-esque, which will make listeners who love roots rock grin.

The simple lyrics are not so simple, but rather evocative of the landscape that lies behind the lyrics. The destination seems to be "that place. Where is "that place"? There are no shortcuts or loopholes to get there. But it looks like fun. Running along the highway with the windows fully open and feeling the dry wind....

This was my impression until I saw the animated music video. However, although the finished music video has road-movie elements, Kazushige Sugano's depiction is based on the theme of family. It was like a short film. This surprised me. But the content is heartwarming. The music video, which can be interpreted from various angles, is a must-see.

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    A self-made piano man. His compositions, sublimating American music such as folk, jazz, and blues into his own style, are rich and special and warm. The songs are rich and have a special warmth to them. The world woven by the piano and songs that The world woven by the piano and songs is both urban and idyllic. The world of piano and song is urban and pastoral at the same time. The music is unique and good-time music.

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