Front Cover

Revive up, Michinoku

  1. Revive up, Michinoku
  2. Sepia Memories
  3. Old Castles
  4. Bridges for Everyone's Dreams
  5. Cat
  6. Forever
  7. Cure
  8. Friends
  9. Letters
  10. Far the world, Near the Future
  11. Dog
  12. Smile
  13. Truthful, Free, and Beautiful...
  14. Seeds
  15. Without Waiting for the Spring Breeze...
  16. Spring Has Come

This Album "Revive up, Michinoku" is composed songs for musical fans of Tohoku region of Japan. All tunes are composed by piano sounds.
I composed music to be particular about the people of Tohoku are having "strength of mind" and "sensitivity".
And then, I created the design with my father's oil-painted picture on this album's artwork. The title of my father's picture named "Revive up, Michinoku", therefore I named same title on this album.

Nobuya Kobori

Nobuya Kobori He composes all kinds of music. He plays piano music. He sings English or Japanese songs. He writes English or Japanese lyrics. He controls DJ turntables. He produces all kinds of musicians and he collaborates with all nations of them. Please go to the links, and listen his music. Nobuya Kobori Website Mail

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