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Syndrome: Syndromes.
A medical term used when several syndromes are present, but the cause is unknown.
A medical term used when the cause of a syndrome is unknown.

The number of "objects" from which modern man has been unable to escape has increased over time.
The number of "objects" from which modern humans have been unable to separate themselves has increased over time.
Work, money, clothes, technology, food.
Our lives have become much more convenient.

But it is also true that we have lost a lot of time and sensation.
We all have some kind of syndrome, the cause of which is unknown.
We all have some syndrome, the cause of which we don't know, and we live our lives in a calm way.

By the way, when is the last time you remember dancing unconsciously to music?
When was the last time you felt the four seasons in the groove of sound?
Even now, when you have forgotten
The earth is still kicking and spinning.

It's good to be free with music.
So say EDO fuquun and PM Kenobi, and start dancing again. and then they start to dance again.

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