Otonatachi kodomotachi

  1. Hennayamakouta
  2. Namida no turning p
  3. Systems of Romance
  4. Suhada ni sawarasete
  5. Aisanaide
  6. Saiai ai believe
  7. Mekyuu Deja vu
  8. Watashi wa no message
  9. Boku no kawaii osakana
  10. Kono kaze ga naorutoki
  11. Sanbyakurokujūdo no march
  12. Todome no klaxon
  13. Karuwazashi
  14. Nayamisoudanshitsu


Budo Grape

Budo Grape are a catchy, high-energy avant-garde pop band from Nagoya, Japan. The band are fronted by model Quminco on vocals and Nagoya music legend Nagai (formerly of The Shockers), who is Budo Grape's chief songwriter and guitarist. Formed in 2001, Budo Grape released their first full album "KOIBITO WA KOUSHITE TSUKURU" in 2005. The album was a hit in the Japanese underground scene, and was followed by a number of other exciting albums. The band's cred soon spread, and they were invited by overseas fans to play in the United States, performing their successful debut live tour there in 2008 and releasing a best-of album, "JUICE!", via a US label. The band also participated in a tribute album for French singer-songwriter Claude Francois, released in Japan as well as France.and the band completed their second times tour of the United Kingdom,in 2012,2013 and 2016. New keyboardist Naho joined the band in 2012, bringing with her an edgy synth sound that has given the band's sound a boost. The band, whose members all have Grape as their last name, claim to come from "Neo-Nagoya." They continue to tour Japan with their crazy live show and catchy songs.

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