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'Around 20' the first full album by KOTONO

The title of the album 'Around 20' means just before and after being grown up, the period of transition from childhood to adult.
20 years old singing/songwriter, KOTON proved her life by producing her monumental first album 'Around 20'.
She caught and cut her vivid scenery in her mind both as a teenager and in her 20's and translated them into her songs.

[KOTONO profile]
KOTONO is a Japanese singer and song writer, with a transparent, healing voice which delivers spirit and the will to live through faithful messages in her songs. Her song writing abilities have an established reputation and she provides the lyrics for many popular artists and several popular anime theme songs. One of her most popular songs is [Yumetamago]which is the ending theme of the theatre version of famous anime[Nintama rantaroh].This production was performed at "Koh-Haku Utagassen" for two consecutive years.

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