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Two female singers bring their thoughts together and love and talk on sunny and rainy days. A rainy day woman who sings with the wish that she wants her to walk in her own way. Integration into peace.
A singing voice that comfortably blends into the Blue moon rid di m of Uchibaba zion studio.
You can enjoy the emotional contrast as if you could hear the conversation between CHAN-MIKA and RAMJA. It is finished in such a work.

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Rainy day woman

iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 17 • 18 Apr 2022

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    CHAN-MIKA A fan-changing Haskey-ho, funky life form singer. He runs all over Japan, and he's got friends with Stasi in the other countries First Album "SIDE 2 SIDE" triggered the award by the iTunes "BEST" BEST ARTIST (Reggae Division) So, we started building a project called Vinyl Records, which was a project called L Natural Vibes Records. The campaign is going to be two nd Album, Mini Album, Remix CD, Collaboration. Also, it is located in DOPENESS and DOPINGBAND A-SEHONE TONES is playing music

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    2004年シングル『月と遊泳』でメジャーデビュー。 約10年のブランクを経て、新たに活動を再開。 自身のルーツである韓国のアーティスト「CIRCUS100」の作品への参加、また、DJ MUROが、世界に誇る和モノ音源をリバイバルさせる企画コンピレーション「和音」に参加。 そして、2017年7月2日には、新曲を含む、待望の新作をドロップ! カテゴリーやスタイルにとらわれず、『いい歌』を『自分の声』で歌う事で、強力な個性を放ちつづけている。

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