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A collection of newly written tracks by tsTom, who released a warm and beautiful songs on the theme of family love dedicated to his deceased father and his remaining mother and brothers under the name of a new unit called Keshigomu.
Seven of the eight gems that were spilled over from tsTom, confused by the sadness, embarrassment and complex emotions of his first relative's death, were written in 2018, the year after his father's death. The content of this work, which was carefully recorded and produced over the next two years, is different from any of the tsTom albums so far. The song, lyrics and melody that gently sings with a slow tempo and a quiet and calm tone sound permeate deep into the folds of the listener's heart.

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  • Keshigomu

    tsTom has finally laucnhed the lifework project. Enjoy his wram songs with the gentle voice.

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