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"Kimi ni Hibike" (Resonate with you)is the 11th single released in 2019,
which is the 15th anniversary year from their formation.
Producer of the first song is Kei Kawano, who is known for producing Hikaru Utada and Naotaro Moriyama.
It was created based on the fund collected from the crowdfunding that is supported by their fans. So it could be said that it created by SNOWKEL and also their fans.

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    SNOWKEL is a Japanese rock band. -------------------------------- 為福岡縣出身的3人樂團.2005年發表了單曲[大大的水窪(大きな水たまり,暫譯)] 並於SME Records主流出道. 2006年所推出的[波風衛星(波風サテライト,暫譯)]為動畫[火影忍者]的第7季主題曲. 2007年發行的[奇蹟]則是以動畫[銀魂]的第6季片尾曲被廣為人知. --------------------------------

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