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Born in New York, 1991 and raised in Tokyo. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from Keio University, Bachelor of Arts, Aesthetics and Science of Arts Department. Kunimoto's works focus on the act of 'listening to silence'. In his works Kunimoto makes use of a unique 3D sound systems and technology, and creating a close connection between the behavior of those experiencing the his work and the space around them. He presents new sound experiences spanning a variety of fields, not limited to just composition, but also engineering, sculpturing, and space design. Kunimoto has presented his sound installation works in Japan, UAE, Taiwan, and other countries. He also releases music pieces and does live performances. His main pieces are "REI" [2019]、"AMANE" [2019]、"SAKU" [2017]、"MUKURO" [2017].