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We must not lose the blue sky or yellow wheat fields.


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  • Huge.

    Huge. composer/sound producer/sound creator/remixer At the age of 14, he started making demo tracks with a small sequencer. After that, he became deeply absorbed in piano and synthesizer sounds. He produced music across genres such as pops, dance, R&B, 2-step, trance, jazz, and orchestral music. In addition, he provided innovative remix works to Japanese top artists since his high school days. He was called a "heretic" in the remix world because of his style, and created his own unique "sound world". A record company launched European expansion projects with him at the forefront. Huge.'s sound was about to spread its wings to the world. On June 25, 2003, he passed away suddenly aged 21. Afterward hundreds of unreleased music files were found on his beloved computer. HUGE.STUDIO&RECORDS

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