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La vie en Rose=Rose colored life
Status, money, honor...the happiness that feels rosy varies from person to person.
For Kensaku Kishida, he had to reset his life and find what he wanted to do with all his heart. That's "music"
Every day that I spend as a musician is a joy, and I am grateful to my fans who support me and allow me to be a musician, members of my band Ash Berry who believe in me and support my artistic activities with Kensaku Kishida, and my dance team K.D.T. Shamisen player Daiji Kamii and each staff team. Kensaku is currently living a rosy life as he is able to carry out his activities surrounded by the kindness and warmth of the people around him... He is running with the idea that everyone can enjoy this feeling through ``LIVE,'' which makes him feel more important and happy than anything else. Set to a 4/4 dance beat, Kensaku's musical roots, "Dance," will be sung and danced with dance team K.D.T.

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Kensaku Kishida