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2021年秋公開予定 映画『宇宙の法-エローヒム編-』挿入歌「君という奇跡」(作詞・作曲:大川隆法/歌:竹内久顕/編曲:大川咲也加 原田汰知)

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  • Hisaaki Takeuchi

    Hisaaki Takeuchi is a Japanese actor, singer, and producer. For the film, "Immortal Hero" (Nikkatsu, 2019), he played the leading role, served as the general producer, and sang the movie theme song, "New Resurrection." He has received several awards for his acting in "Immortal Hero," including the Best Actor (Male Foreign) award at the CKF International Film Festival in August 2019 and the Lead Actor Honorable Mention in A Feature Film award at the South Film Arts Festival in August 2019. For the film "Twiceborn" (Nikkatsu, 2020), Hisaaki served as a general producer and sang the insert song, "I love New York." He is also a general producer of the 2021 release film, "Beautiful Lure-A Modern Tale of 'Painted Skin'" (Nikkatsu), for which he sings the movie theme song, "Beautiful Lure." The song, "Beautiful Lure" won the Best Original Song award at the Atman Film Festival in 2020 and the Grand Jury Award at New York International Film Awards in October 2020.

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