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The number of followers on TikTok exceeded 2 million, and the music video reached number one on the charts in quick succession. Furthermore, "MABOROSHI", which has charted in the United States and other countries around the world and is attracting a lot of attention, has finally completed their first new song with 16 members!

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Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Russian Federation • TOP 33 • 7 Jul 2024

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    TikTok A 16-member dance vocal group "MABOROSHI" from Japan with over 2.0 million followers. Formed in 2021, it won the titles of No. 1 on the iTunes music video general chart and No. 1 on the LINE MUSIC video chart in quick succession, and became the focus of attention at once. In the same year, when the crew member D.E.F succeeded in performing alone at Osaka-jo Hall, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Ima-chan was actually selected as the ending theme for September. Its popularity has achieved a feat of entering the TOP 10 not only in Japan but also in the iTunes R & B VIDEO chart in the United States. And on Spotify Selected for "Boys Group Japan". In addition, he won the first place in Germany's Apple Music and recorded chart-ins in various countries around the world such as Mexico, and the momentum does not stop.

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