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Rational number" is tetote's third single. The album is the third single from tetote, "Rational number", which continues to feature arranger Yoshiki Niioka.
The first song "Maboroshi feat. Akira from RiTTLEBOY" is a rearrangement of the previous song "Maboroshi" with Akira, the vocalist of RiTTLEBOY, and is a more poetic song.
The song "fools" features drummer Iwasaki Takuma and was the first song recorded with live drums by tetote. It is a standard live song, but it has a different atmosphere from the live performance.
The sound of "Immortal" is constructed by Daichi Arakawa using elements of industrial music.
The three songs on this album will keep you interested in the music.

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  • tetote

    An electronic loop duo consisting of Daichi Arakawa (Gt.) and Shiba (Vo.). His live performance is characterized by making full use of the looper and incorporating poetry. Active mainly in Tokyo. The group was formed after having a session at a live house. After working tirelessly, they are currently working with Yoshiki Niioka as their sound producer. tetote creates is all love song, and he continues to sing about love in various forms.

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