Un bijou

  1. Un bijou

This song is a farewell song between a man and woman.
However, I want this song to be a cheerful one for the future. Un bijou means Jewelry, brilliant time.

-Lyrics summary-

I give you happiness because I will leave you
It's so important for us
All the scenes I remember are beautiful and burning still in my mind
At that time I didn't believe in happiness
Cozy afternoon, you were like the holiday's sunlight shining through the leaves of trees

Sad night. Laughing night.
Singing about our future.
Don't choose the crying last scene
The end doesn't exist

Wanted to stay in the brilliant time
But we're travelers so need to go

You and me,
someday after forgetting the melancholy
Once I want to meet you again
Shall we promise


Floating spectacle Dramatic stabbing pop A stateless trip with an unknown destination Biased spectacles making days unordinary

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