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A challenging choral piece composed primarily of voices. It depicts the beautiful scene of petals dancing through the many layers of the singer's own voice, and the eventual farewell that comes.

The artwork, synchronized with the multiple scenes and resonances felt from the music, is by Saori Abe. It portrays a pure farewell, like cherry blossoms knowing their time to scatter, bringing their own blooming to an end.

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  • Fuki Kitamura

    Fuki Kitamura Born in 2003, from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. A composer, pianist, and singer-songwriter. Began composing in 2015. Started activities based in Tokyo from 2023. Performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '23 ROOKIE A GO-GO. Also active under the name "asak." Loves music that naturally makes the body sway. Founder of the label utter_ur. Currently studying DJing, film music, drawing, English, among other things. Always curious and believes in the possibility of mastering new skills.

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