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Original relaxing sound with beautiful piano tones.
I visited the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the end of summer. The endless horizon spreads out in front of me. Gently crashing waves. The word pacific is derived from Latin and means 'bringing peace'. I tried to express such a calm and peaceful scene with the tone of the piano.
Piano & Composed by Yoko Nanno.
"Vienna & Tokyo Cafe" series by Yoko Nanno, Japanese pianist and composer who studied the classical piano in Vienna since the age of 15 and has experiences also in Germany and France.

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  • Yoko Nanno

    Japanese pianist & composer Yoko Nanno started play the piano at the age of 3. And she moved to Vienna to study the piano at 15. She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna and at the University of Music in Munich, Germany. After graduation, she brushed up the piano further in Paris, France and Salzburg, Austria. After that, she taught the piano at the International Summer Academy in the Mozarteum University of Music in Salzburg as the assistant to professor. She is currently creating and delivering an album series of music "~Cafe inVienna~", consists of the classical masterpieces originally arranged in contemporary style using piano and synthesizers.

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