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7/7 surprise release

Yoyou an artist who works freely regardless of music genre, will release a new single "kitten meow meow" on July 7th.

This work was composed by the mysterious new artist "Saren"
who just released his first single "summer star" last month.
The photo of "Yoyou" herself making a snow globe by himself while listening to this work became the jacket for this time because the texture of the sound reminded me of it.

"Saren" creates a warm and glittering ASMR-like new sound, and "Yoyou" slowly plays all the hiragana lyrics like a picture book.

This work, which can be said to have a theme of warmth and kindness, is not only for children, but also for adults who are tired of everyday life.

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Kitten meow meow

Apple Music • Children's Music Top Songs • Botswana • TOP 103 • 24 Nov 2023

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Kitten meow meow

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