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  • aryy

    aryy is a member of the hip-hop group HEAVEN, which also includes Lil Soft Tennis and ry0n4. In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he began his music journey from the confines of his bedroom and released his 1st EP titled 'Nostalgia King'. The track "Kyoto," featuring rapper Lil Soft Tennis as a guest, garnered significant attention and resonated strongly. In addition to numerous event appearances, a testament to his energetic dedication, aryy participated as an opening act for the tour of the rock band DYGL. In February 2022, aryy released his 2nd EP 'alien' and also contributed to HEAVEN's mixtapes 'AiR' and 'So Wet Boys'. He has graced stages across the nation at events and festivals, amassing support particularly among the youth. aryy skillfully blends his rock-rooted foundation with elements of hip-hop and dance music, crafting a distinctive artistic universe. Undoubtedly, aryy stands out as one of the most noteworthy singer-songwriters (SSW) in Japan's emerging artist scene, marking him as a prominent figure in the new generation.

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