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This is our first new work in two years.
This new track was produced using only iPad apps, which had been a long time in the making, from the input with DAW software to the sound source used and the export of the tracks.
Also, TSUTCHIE did all the mixing, mastering, etc. by himself, making this a work that has been slowly simmered down to its fullest.

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    Member of hip hop group Shakkazombie. And also a producer. Dealing with a large number of remix and Sound produce. In recent years, playing an active part as the musical producer who crosses all genres. The first solo album "Thanks for Listening" is released in 2002. And the second solo album "This is a recording" is released in 2003. The original sound track which is an animation "Samurai Champloo" is released in 2004. The original sound track of an animation "GANGSTA." is released in 2015. Recently does a sound engineer. And moreover starts the label "SYNC TWICE" from 2011.

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