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Osaka, Umeda Cypher is the rapper KZ.
While the previous 1st "PULP" and 2nd "CASK" are difficult to obtain, including re-press,
From the previous work, 3rd "NORITO" was released in just 8 months.

UMB18 and 19 won the Osaka National Team for two consecutive years.
In addition, a big claw mark is left in the main game UMB18 where representatives from all over the country gather.
Furthermore, "Maji de Hi" released in January 19 recorded 3.5 million views on Youtube,
Since the summer of 19 he has toured the country as a major member of Umeda Cipher.

As a solo, he performs nearly 50 live shows a year and holds microphones in various large and small boxes across the country.
The powerful live that swallows the people who are watching is well-established.

Skilled in poetry-like phrases and universal topics for life while stepping on lime,
It appeals strongly to the emotions deep in the listener's heart and gains deep empathy.

This work "NORITO" has many negative incidents, and criticism and negative words flew on SNS and the Internet.
In this time, a piece that was created by spinning words from positive words and viewpoints as much as possible.
In order to counter strong denials, using stronger denials will not save anyone,
The real need is not a denial, but a straightforward affirmation,
It is a work that invites the person who heard it to be positive.

Gentle Japanese and uncorrupted samples, or an ensemble of weak ones. Your Friend KZ.
See you on the playlist again.

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