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Mirror Ball (REMIX) [feat. FLEUR]

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A total of 9 songs, with the theme of a glittering city night, in pursuit of the ability to literally "dance all night long." Choose from a variety of beats, from bouncy dance numbers to city pop and slow jam R&B. All of the songs have catchy and harsh melodies, while also expressing his own elegant "party" with a modern and cool sound. His single "Mirror Ball", which was released in advance of the EP, has been played more than 1 million times on TikTok, and was selected as Shazam's weekly Japanese trend, has become a hot topic. participated. The cool melody that shines through the bouncy track is a highlight. Visualizer will also be released from 20:00 on the same day. In addition to guest appearances by gorgeous artists such as PVCMVN, $ora, and TeN, who are popular among young people, "Found You (feat. Hanwool)" features a new Korean rapper, Hanwool, born in 2004. This was his first collaboration with an overseas artist. NEW EP TITLE: "Party All Night"

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  • Smartt

    Born in 2001. A new rapper from Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Armed with a unique laid-back feel and an easy-to-listen melodic flow, he creates songs that appeal to listeners, regardless of generation or genre. Influenced by a wide variety of genres such as hip-hop, contemporary R&B, dance, and jazz, he embodies an avant-garde, genre-less style by skillfully incorporating the essence of these genres. In addition, he has gained popularity for his style of sublimating sometimes even humorous subjects and words into stylish sounds. Up until now, they have been constantly releasing songs, and each time their songs are selected for charts and playlists. Among them, "DAN DAN (feat. Gokou Kuyt & BILLY LAURENT)" and "Malibu" have become a hot topic on streaming sites and SNS, and have been featured in local newspapers and online news, expanding the scope of their activities.

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