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Ryozo Band has released a whole body dance tune with Haru Hinata from "The Dance for Philosophy" and MAINAMIND from "Osaka Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter"!
It's been 3 years since the 1st full album "Get Lost" released in 2018. Ryozo Band, who just released the homage album "CITY" to Blaxploitation in the 70's in January 2021, has released a new song with female vocals for the first time. The two guest vocalists are Haru Hinata from "The Dance for Philosophy" and MAINAMIND from "Osaka Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", both of which have singing ability in "kanJam" (TV Asahi broadcast on November 1, 2020). The artist who is currently attracting attention, whose height was introduced. This song is a mellow R & B city pop, and Ryozo Obayashi wrote his first lyrics. It will be released digitally in advance in May 2021, and the 7inch record will be released in June. The recorded "FLAVOR" is a mellow, floating, chill-funk-style instrumental track that is also a must-listen.(Participating musicians) Haru Hinata (Dance for Philosophy), MAINAMIND (Osaka Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), Tetsuta Odate (JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra), Yudai Ohi (SANABAGUN), Masaki Nagata (Funk in Japan)

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Night Lights

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 9 • 6 May 2021

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Night Lights

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  • Ryozo Band

    Born September 7, 1990. In May 2015, he released a 7inch work produced by DJ MURO (King Of Diggin') at Ryozo Band, where he is the leader. In 2017, he joined the JAZZ/HIPHOP band SANABAGUN. In addition to band activities, studio session work in various fields, Jazz Funk project After performing abroad in places such as London and Paris, he has expanded his range of activities both domestically and internationally as a bassist. be. He also produces music for tie-up videos for the apparel brand ISSEY MIYAKE, Providing music to major corporate content such as entertainment / mix / hypnosis microphone conduct. In 2022, he will serve as the accompaniment bandmaster for the musical play Slumdog Millionaire.

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