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This is the first digital single by Tokyo-based singer Kaoruko in about a year.

Kaoruko's calm, yet relaxed voice combines with an active bassline based on filter house.

The lyrics are also noteworthy, as Kaoruko herself says, "This is a song about us playing in Tokyo," and you can fully feel the Tokyo nightlife.

The song features kZm, a rapper/artist who belongs to YENTOWN, a hip-hop collective also based in Tokyo.
This work is an advance single from an EP scheduled for release on De-void*, a label started by kZm this summer.

Produced by TSUBAME, who has produced music for "JUBEE," "chelmico," and "MANON" and is also active as TOKYO HEALTH CLUB.

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  • Kaoruko

    Kaoruko Born in Yokosuka, raised in Shinjuku Influenced by various genres such as pop, rock, and dance music, she also produces her own music. Debut with EP "Starting now" in 2019 Released 2nd EP "You Better Know" and 3rd EP "SyGyZy", all self-produced, in 2020 Released "Kaoruko x Stones Taro - YOU WORRY" from tokyo vitamin's compilation album, "vitamin yellow" in October 2021 Scheduled to release 4th EP in November 2022

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