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VISCO (the elect few REMIX)

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Akihisa Kondo, a multi-creator who works on lyrics, composition, arrangement, artwork, and video, remixes the songs of the album "VISCO" with his own hands.
Although it has the name "remix", there are many songs that have been re-recorded for this sound source and selected different takes.
The piano arrangement and string arrangement by the artist himself are also finished in a work that stands out even more.
The carefully selected instruments are exactly the "elite few", and the concept work that sharpens the "voice" in the middle is finally released as a subscription.

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    Born August 6, 1986. Type O. She is a multi-creator who writes lyrics, composes, arranges, arranges strings, artworks, videos, stage productions, etc. Originally, he was a behind-the-scenes staff member of the entertainment world, but left the company and made his major debut in 2012 with the single "Fleur". It was selected as a power play by 30 radio stations nationwide, and it quickly gained attention as it ranked first in the access ranking on a major lyrics search site and ranked first in the cable chart in the Chubu area. Since then, the theme songs for the popular anime "Space Brothers" and "NARUTO Shippuden", the drama theme songs for the TV dramas "Namonaki Poison" and "Peter's Funeral", which are adaptations of Miyuki Miyabe's novels, He has worked on many tie-up songs, including the "Home Mate" TV commercial song starring Mirei Kiritani, and has released 3 full-length albums, 8 CD singles, and 10 digital singles. After a period of hiatus, he became independent and restarted live activities in 2019. His restarted live tour was sold out in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo in quick succession. Full-scale release activities will restart from 2021. In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our debut. He is also active as a professional graphic designer, and is active outside of music activities, such as providing many designs to other artists.

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