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One Love "32"

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One Love "32"

Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Viet Nam • TOP 29 • 29 Dec 2021 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 リアルタイム • Japan • TOP 31 • 11 Mar 2022 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Indonesia • TOP 61 • 29 Dec 2022 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Hong Kong • TOP 106 • 4 Jan 2022 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Japan • TOP 152 • 29 Dec 2021 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Malaysia • TOP 190 • 14 Feb 2024

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  • Jin Dogg

    Born in 1990, born in Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Jin Dogg is a trilingual rapper who can freely speak three languages, Japanese, Korean, and English, based on his various experiences both in Japan and abroad as a student. His career began around 2010, and after 1st EP "Welcome to Bang Bang I.K.N" (2012) and live activities centered on clubs, he joined the talented hip-hop group "Hibrid Entertainment" in 2016. In the same year, he released a mixtape "1st High" mixed by his label mate DJ Bullset, and the following year he released a sequel "2nd High". Furthermore, the uninterrupted guest performances from inside and outside the hip-hop scene, live performances all over the country, appearances at large-scale festivals, and a strong message that violently shakes the listener's soul by eliminating all the decorations at all of them. His overwhelming live performance, sometimes accompanied by radical mosh, has a huge impact on the scene, and his pace of activity will accelerate further. Its reputation is not limited to Japan, but in 2019, he appeared in the feature-length documentary "Asia Rising --The Next Generation of Hip Hop" co-produced by Redbull Music x 88rising as an important person who will bear the future of Asian hip hop, and for the first time in his career. Simultaneous release of "SAD JAKE" and "MAD JAKE", a masterpiece that spelled out conflicting emotions as an album. As of 2020, he continues to convey his unique and strong personality while increasing the scale from "Dirty Kansai" to the world through energetic music activities.

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