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The song was arranged by "maeshima soshi", a cross-culture producer who has over 100 million views on streaming music produced by Rinne, asmi, etc. "You" and "I". , A heartwarming love song written and composed by boys and girls about realistic, unrealistic, and miraculous everyday happiness.

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  • Shonen Shojo

    "Shonen Shojo", a male and female duo R-POP unit from Okinawa Japan A multi-composer boy (super rikutoman) whose solo song "Coffee Time" has become a hot topic on SNS and has over tens of millions of views,and a singer-songwriter girl (coco), Honey voice. It's like magic that rewinds the times when everyone who listens to it is a "boy and girl" that everyone, young and old, experiences. From the southern island, we are sending out music that is nostalgic and comfortable, and gently snuggles up to you.The 1st EP "Futari" will be released in September 2022,and the 1st Digital Single "EVERYDAY" will be released in December. In March 2023, he served as the opening act for the event "Okinami Festival" held at the Okinawa Arena, and is now a new artist who is attracting attention mainly in Okinawa's Z generation. [What is R-POP?] "R" for Ryukyu, "R" for R&B, "R" for Rap, "R" for Relaxation, "R" for Reiwa, etc... A coined word born from a group of words that describe the artist activities of "Shonen Shojo".

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  • maeshima soshi

    Belongs to SASAKRECT Inc. A music producer who writes/composes/arranges all the lyrics and actively releases his own music. The total number of streaming plays for the songs he produced has exceeded 100 million times. He is a protean cross-cultural producer who creates the ``maeshima sound'' of everything from up-and-coming rappers to Johnny's, LDH, YouTubers, VTubers, and anime theme songs, and has gained overwhelming support from Generation Z.

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