In the mood for love Front Cover


In the mood for love

Lucid And The Flowers

That face when you speak of love

That look that's so divine

I dreamt that you'd fade away

Last night

Feigning your pain with a laugh

It's as if you decided

You've found your way, it's like

The clouds they've gone away

For love

I'll be the man to lead our jive

As you bloom baby

That's until

It all falls away

And betrays you

"Au revoir"


It's such a farce sounds



Where am I to go

And when you spoke of love

Your words would color the sky

But I dreamt that

You'd fade away last night

Feigning your pain, you'd stand

And abruptly leave your seat

To where? I sigh

I'll wait here for your return

For love

I'll be the man to lead our jive

As you bloom baby

But news of your decline

Would strike while I was blind

So now you've gone

There's not a trace

Just evaporated

And I'm alone

Staring at the wall

Where the shadows play

As I collect

The fallen petals of your soul

From this tale of woe and love

Too early for a goodbye

I can't admit

That you're so far away

And I'm still here

Thinking of you so

My eyes are left blinded

By soul rain

When I attempt a smile


It's such a farce sounds



Where am I to go

Can't choose ways

How we meet and part

Beautiful cover

All that remains intact

No spoken passage

Will halt the essence

From slow decay

That's fate

There's no escape

Whatever the cause

Memories don't easily die

Stored in a glass case

Spoil-proof and ageless

I wished you'd come back

Even if you're no longer

Who you were

  • Composer

    Masayuki Nakazato

  • Lyricist

    Masayuki Nakazato, Sean Fujimoto

In the mood for love Front Cover

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    In the mood for love

    Lucid And The Flowers

A single song released for the first time in about a year from the 1st mini album "RECAPTURE". A lyrical medium number that pulls the noir and romantic mood that came out from the previous work and fascinates with a light tone, making you feel the further expansion of the band sound. The lyrics are written as "the monopoly of a man who spills his feelings for those who have been forced to divorce", and it also overlaps with the perspective of those who have been robbed of important things by all absurdities such as the Hong Kong democracy demonstration and the new coronavirus.

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In the mood for love

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  • Lucid And The Flowers

    World class noir pop band Lucid And The Flowers (LATF) have announced the release of their long-awaited 1st single. Their romantic and serious style with a scent of dark nuances was highly praised by hardcore music and literature fans, and gradually earned a faithful following in the Tokyo underground scene since their formation in November 2013. However, in December 2014, the unit went on a hiatus and remained dormant for 3 years, but in February 2018, they came back as a full band. This track illustrates the 'impossibility of love' between a rational couple. The thick bass and drums blended flawlessly with a rippling reverb heavy guitar embodies a nihilistic and sexy sound, earning them a reputation of a Japanese version of the Arctic Monkeys.

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