Thanksgiving Song Front Cover


Thanksgiving Song


Everyone say thank you

With every word

Let’s tell to the people yes thank you

Happy world beautiful world

Let’s say it to the world


Japan, Arigato

China, Shay Shay

Korea, Kamsahamnida

India, Shukriyaa

Russia, Spasibo

Thailand, Khob khun

That’ all for Asia

One, Two, Three Go!

Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan

Sudan, Saudi Arabia

Oman, Qatar

Syria, Libya, Kuwait

Morocco, Bahrain

Somalia, Yemen, middle eastern

All together Shukanlaka

One, Two, Three Go!

America Canada, Thank you

Mexico, Argentina


Brazil, Obligado


Africa Region, Asante

Just keep going

One, two, three go!

Germany, Danke schön

Spain, Gracias

France, Merci

Portugal, Obligado

UK, Thank you

Oceania too, thank you

This is last one

One, Two, Three Go!

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  • Composer

    Mori Izumi

Thanksgiving Song Front Cover

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    I want to make a message song that hopes for the health of the patient in front of us, each industry, Japan, and the world! !! ーーーーーー ABEHIRO, an active dentist, has set up to break the impasse of the new coronavirus. ABEHIRO wanted to treat the world by singing and dancing, not only relying on the government's response and drug development, but also thinking that something could change when each person turned forward and took action. Professional creators who agreed with this strong desire helped ABEHIRO, who knows neither right nor left, and this work "Come on! Hero" was born.

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