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It's a quirky yet beautiful tune portraying miracles that our souls can connect and melt together no matter how different our backgrounds, thoughts, or tastes in sweets are. This ambitious work, sung by a male and female duo with the piano arrangement, is a new interpretation of the female singer's previous single "beautiful." MURAKAMI Hanae is releasing this song as her second streaming single.

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  • Murakami Hanae

    Japanese-born and Tokyo-raised, Murakami Hanae graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design's Department of Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting. Hanae taught herself art from a young age and only committed to an artistic career when she entered university. Active as a video artist, she made her directorial debut in 2012 with "I Am Missing." Hanae also became a YouTuber in 2020. Starting from 2022, Hanae is branching out into a new direction as a musician with her first streaming single, "beautiful," released at the very beginning of the year. Hanae is a singer-songwriter, a video artist, and a producer of music videos and other projects.

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