Kentaro Sato: Japanese Choral Works for Mixed Voices, Vol. 2

  1. Uta-ni Ako'ngarete -Falling in Love with Singing-
  2. On'ngaku-ni Na'tte -Music Coming to Be-
  3. Ke'tsui -Determination-
  4. Boku-nga Utauwake -Why I Sing-
  5. Boku-no Uta-nga Tsu'dzukuwake -Why My Music Continues-
  6. Prelude to a New Song
  7. Uta-nga Kikoeru -I Hear a Song-
  8. Interlude to the Old Days
  9. Ano Koro -Those Days-
  10. Interlude to Today & Kyo-mo Dokokade -Somewhere, Yet Again-
  11. Wakaba-no Omoi -The Longing of a Young Leaf-
  12. Ke'tsui -Determination- (a cappella ver.)
  13. Boku-nga Utauwake -Why I Sing- (accompanied ver.)
  14. Ano Koro -Those Days- (a cappella ver.)

Featuring Japanese Choral Works for Mixed Voices, composed by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P), an award-winning Japanese composer/conductor. Choral Suite: Ako'ngare-to Tomo-ni (With Adoration), Choral Suite: Uta'ngoe-wa Kawarazu (Changeless Singing), Wakaba-no Omoi (The Longing of a Young Leaf), Ke'tsui (Determination) -a cappella ver.-, Boku-nga Utauwake (Why I Sing) -accompanied ver.-, Ano Koro (Those Days) -a cappella ver.-
Booklet in English and Japanese.

Chorus Central

Chorus Central was founded in 2015 by its conductor, Kentaro Sato for the express purpose of making recordings. Singers from all over Japan meet once a year for a practice camp and recording session. The nucleus of the Chorus originally was provided by members of Nagoya Youth Choir, which Sato conducted in 2013 and 2014.

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