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During the two quarantine experiences, Emj came up with the idea of the music and lyrics, portraying the purity of nature and how humans are against and dealing with them while she was watching outside through her window. "Kasumibare" is the 3rd single from Streepz. The group recorded 2 different versions, one in Japanese and one in English. For the English version, they featured a Taiwanese singer, Tim Liao, and created new and gorgeous harmonies. monolog arranged this song by combining Latin and reggae rhythms to Emj's idea. The entire production process was done remotely, between Tokyo and Boston.

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  • Streepz

    Streepz is a Japanese female duo consisting of vocalist Sah-Yah and pianist Emj, formed in 2021. Inspired by a variety of artists, such as Jamiroquai, Justin Timberlake, Mayer Hawthorne, Stromae, Stephen Sondheim, and Nikolai Kapustin. Streepz is pursuing "Mimi-Fuku" sounds that take you far from reality and will make your body move instinctively without understanding the lyrics.

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