Stereo Nights

  1. Stereo Nights

Lead song from the preceding maxi single "Stereo Nights" for album release.
| All 4 physical releases.
| The release date will be announced on SNS and official websites later.
| The lead vocal will be sung by all members of the Fukuoka group.
| Lyrics and composition: Hiroki Numano
| Arrangement performance: Fukuoka group (Haruhiko Tamae / Keisuke Osako / Jun Izumi / Shiroboshi Fukumoto)
| Jacket artwork: Hiroki Numano
| Recording & Mix: Akira Takaoka (24B RECORDING)
| Recording Studio: Unknown Studio
| May 2020 release


2000-2001: Formed by Hiroki Numano (Gt, Vo) and Haruhiko Tamae (Gt, Vo) who were classmates of the university. / At the beginning of the activity, a home-recording instrument. / 2002: Joined Izumijun (Ba, Cho) / 2003: Joined Keisuke Osako (Dr, Cho) / Based in Fukuoka Performing at live houses in Kyushu / At the same time, we set up a studio in Numano's home and we composed music / 2005: 1st album "more softly" released / Then expand the scope of activities and tour to Kanto and Kansai / 2011: Numano moved to Kanto for training in pottery / 2012: Takehisa Fukumoto (Gt, Cho) joined / 2013: 2nd album "present" released Still active

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