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AKUMATICA, an idol group that started their activities in February 2023, announced that they will hold their 1st solo live at Shibuya WWW in February 2024.
Focusing mainly on live performances, the group has been active for six months since their debut, steadily gaining strength. Now, they have finally started in earnest.

AKUMATICA is armed with a sophisticated rock sound and songs featuring singable and addictive melodies.
During the first six months of their debut, they performed several one-man shows. They have a strong commitment to their shows, so you can look forward to seeing how much they will improve in the next six months.
They currently have three members, but they are also looking for new members for their concert at Shibuya WWW scheduled for February 2024.

Full album release in January 2024. And the Shibuya WWW show in February.
The story of AKUMATICA has finally begun.
Don't miss AKUMATICA, which is sure to become a central figure in the scene in the future!

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