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Since the birth month of each of the four members was beautifully lined up in April, May, June, and July, the fourth of the plans to deliver the song that the birthday person acted as vocal in the birth month. Bullet "Root Beer".
This song is composed by Ba . Vo Shunnosuke Tsuha and Dr . Vo Shuntaro Higa, and Ba . Vo Shunnosuke Tsuha is the vocalist. This song was made when I was in junior high school and has been sung in Live for a long time. It contains the unique Okinawan seaweed and Ryukyu scale, making it a song that makes you want to start dancing. It has always been a lively song in Live, and it has become a long-awaited sound source because it has been long-awaited to be made into a sound source.

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  • HoRookies

    HoRookies A young band with an average age of 21 years old, all four of whom are from the same junior high school. Formed on the main island of Okinawa to perform at the 2014 [''Songs Day Concert .] 2015 Dr.Vo Higa Shuntaro's long -distance van for high school. Although it became a de ,it reunited after three years. Aiming to become a professional ,he resumed his activities in earnest. After making a new start with the return live in November 2018, he won the contest sponsored by [GOLD DISC OKINAWA in December of the same year.] In June 2019, he decided to appear in ''Songs Day Concert 2019''. Furthermore, the 1st album''HoRookies''released on September 11th of the same year Received the 12th CD Shop Awards 2020 Okinawa Block Award. He is expanding the range of activities such as performing independently planned live performances and numerous events.

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