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``Arabian Nights'' is inspired by the famous stories ``Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,'' ``Aladdin and the Magic Lamp,'' and ``The Adventures of Sinbad.'' I made a song!
It's a fun time imagining the stories and scenery of a dream-like journey full of epic adventure, mystery, and romance with exotic folk instruments!

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  • Kuni

    Born in 1952, the year of the Dragon. Graduated from Kanazawa University. Representative of Matsuyama Breathing Class, DTMer, writer, artist, breathing advisor, home healer. Author = Matsuyama style breathing method: Refresh your mind and body! Be healthy and full of energy! Make amazing power yours! and To a World of Magic and Wonder: A Collection of 15 Heartwarming Fables Hobbies = Breathing techniques, Qigong, composition, EMEO (digital saxophone), photography, Shorinji Kempo People who love music will love it!

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