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Super Climbing Club will release its first single "Follow the Wind" on August 11, 2023, Mountain Day.

Super Climbing Club was formed to perform Tomoyuki Oda's original music.
Hina (Vo) is an active university student, and Yu Ishihama (Gt) is active in KADOMACHI and solo activities,
Bassist Shotaro Kaji (Ba) supports most of the artists in Nagoya,
Drummer Yuichi Fukaya (Dr), who plays with the Nakamura Kaho BAND, and supporting member Tomoyuki Oda (Key).

Tomoyuki Oda wrote the lyrics, composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the music, and Yu Ishihama designed the jacket.The lyrics were also written by Okitsu of sucola.

On August 12, the day after the distribution release, the band will perform at "cultra" at Daikanyama UNIT in Tokyo, and on October 13, the release live performance of "Follow the Wind" is scheduled at TOKUZO in Imaike, Nagoya City.

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Follow the Wind

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