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Let's carve out a bright future!!
Mayo Okamoto's representative song will be sent with a sax instrumental by [Nasa], a delivery person with a smile and energy.

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iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 5 • 24 Dec 2022

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  • Nasa

    Enjoy watching and listening action Passion sax player [Nasa] We will deliver energy, healing, and a smile. Chiba Solo Contest Winner Active in a wide range of activities from all over Japan to New York overseas in the form of solos, duos, bands, big bands, etc. After visiting Ginza KENTO'S regular band (BLESS of GK) and a certain company's national disco party, he is also active as a stand-up comedy, hula dance, etc., a brass band trainer, and a Yamaha instructor. Main support, co-starring artist Eikichi Yazawa, COOLS, TEMPTATIONS, Tatsuro Mashiko, Keiko Mizukoshi, ROLLY, Chisato Oe, Yuki Kadokura, Takane Okamoto, Kozo Suganuma, Senri Kawaguchi, Getao Takahashi, Go Abe, YOKAN, Junko Akimoto, Sao Tairai, Yucco Miller, Sakai Masaaki, Akiko Wada, Koichi Sato, Hitomi Enaka, Ron Carter, Denis Davis, etc. 2021 NASA Tour December Chiakiraku 2nd stage 2021 NASA Tour December Chiakiraku 1st stage May 2020 No Audience Delivery LIVE

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