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Won the Awesome City Club category from about 5,000 entries on the TikTok Spotlight 2021. The song "Sugar Butter" produced as a victory privilege.
Contrary to the band's name recognition, the talented band, whose all the singles distributed have won tie-ups, has finally created a song of the original with a big title.
Based on the advice from AwesomeCityClub, vocalist Tony Gambo is in charge of songwriting. Her happy song made by Tony Gambo, which is characterized by introspective and monologue-like songs, has a sound that is easy to listen to for various age groups, and her realistic message stands out.

The music concept is
"A relationship that enriches each other so that sugar and butter are combined to complete a happy taste"

Tony Gambo, a vocalist who says he wanted to make music to thank the people who support the band in a Chaos world.
If she is "sugar", the band members and listeners who answer to her feeling are "butter".

Creating a sugar butter relationship with listeners around the world with the words "Thank you for meeting me" is the future that the band TonyGumbo is aiming for, and we have just taken a big step toward that end.

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Sugar Butter

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