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Gekidan Prince, Ukon Hatori (CV:Stungun), Keisuke Inaba (CV:Shakemii), Yukito Morisaki (CV:Risru), Sagami Sturm und Drang Junji (CV:Glutamine) & Riku Tsukamoto (CV:Silvana)

Health Meter

  1. Health Meter

The romance ADV "Health Meter" play's song 'Gekidan Prince' appears. Five princes will sing beautiful songs with a weight scale as their theme!

Gekidan Prince

new AVG "Gekidan Prince" A cast of over 40 influencers, including singers and game players, took up about 3000 voices! We can not stop, the shining meteor shower Now, the beginning of the stage -

Artist page

Ukon Hatori (CV:Stungun)

One of the popular actors who is said to be the troupe of the theater company. Refreshing looks and personality are popular, and have appeared in movies, commercials, radio and many others. I understand myself well, I do feel good in everything well, but also a little unstable part. My sister is an idol and he is an avid fan. Originally from Hokkaido, I am 21 years old born September 28. 173 cm.

Artist page

Keisuke Inaba (CV:Shakemii)

One of the popular members. Behind the girls with physical appearance and fearless facial features to shine, they are good at dancing and swordsmen. It is like the oldest older brother, and often supports the younger members. My hobby is muscle training, aiming to make an ideal body as a dancer. Born in Okayama prefecture, 27 years old born on November 18th. 183 cm.

Yukito Morisaki (CV:Risru)

Until recently the youngest who was a research student. Experience is still shallow but overflowing with talent, expectation for future growth is expected. It is a lively and friendly personality, but also a place where childish parts do not disappear. She self-named it as black magic. Origin of Tokyo, 18 years old born February 22. 168 cm.

Sagami Sturm und Drang Junji (CV:Glutamine)

Until recently it was a freshman member who was a research student. Half of Japan and Germany. It attracts attention with the style and sensitivity that the Japanese has left. It has a rugged verbal behavior and delicate sensibility, and emotional instability. Having a third eye. Born in Germany, 19 years old born May 21. 185 cm.

Riku Tsukamoto (CV:Silvana)

One of the popular members. He has a career as a famous popular child role, and has experience and ability accumulated since his childhood days. There is a strong rivalry to other members, there are strict professional consciousness for myself as well as others. Pet's beetle supports heart. Born in Tokyo, 20 years old born on July 28th. 171 cm.